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FADAK the Usurped Land

       To seek pleasure of Allah (swt) and His divine Hujjat (atfs), we together tried to educate ourselves on a very important event that occurred and are part of the dark pages of the History of Islam.
       One such incident is the Dispute and Usurpation of Fadak by the man-made / self elected caliphs.
       Since the Event of Fadak is directly related to Bibi Fatema Zahra (s.a), we would like you to glance upon the Importance of this Lady in the Eyes of Holy Prophet (saws).

       The Holy Prophet (S) said:  “Maryam was the Lady of the women of her time, but my daughter Fatimah is the lady of the whole worlds’ women, from the first to the last.”
       Fatimah is a part of me, and the light of my eyes, the fruit of my heart, and my soul… and she is Huri with Human qualities.
       “Whoever harms her has harmed me and whoever angers her has made me angry; whoever makes her glad has made me glad, and whoever saddens her has made me sad.”

       The sweet period her life quickly came to an end with the death of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saww)
       With the death of the prophet, new storms of complicated critical events blew up and the hatred and grudges of Badr and Ohad that were during the prophet’s time hidden beneath the ashes became visible.
       This Event proved to be one of the cause of removing the Masks of hypocrites (Munafiqs) who were till now hidden under the skins of companions (Sahaba)

A brief glance upon what is FADAK.
       Fadak was a village in Hijaz (West- Saudi Arabia).  Between Fadak and Medina there was a distance of two to three days approx.
       It was inhabited by some Jews until the seventh year of Hijra when Allah cast terror into their hearts and they made peace with the Prophet by giving him a half of Fadak. It is also reported that they gave him the entire FADAK.
       FADAK was not a little piece of land or a small field as many people think or assume. FADAK was a land that yielded a great sum generating important wealth to the possessors.
       Its wealth has been a major financial support for the Caliphs at the times of Distress.

The Claim
       Janabe Zahra (sa) put forth her claim towards Fadak as a gift as well as inheritance from Holy Prophet (saww) – but both the grounds were rejected.

    “And render to the kindred their due rights, as (also) to those in want, and to the wayfarer, but squander not (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift”. (Al- Quran, Surah 17, Ayah 26)
       When this verse was revealed Rasool Allah (saws) gave the land of Fadak to Fatima Zahra (S.A) under the order of Allah.

       Allama Yaqut al- Hamawi records in Maujam ul Buldan, Volume 3, page 313. This is (the land) about which Fatima (r. a) said: “Allah's messenger gave it to me’, hence Abu Bakr (l. a) said: ‘I want witness’.
       Regardless  of the fact that Bibi Fatima Zahra (S) was the Possessor  of this land, she bought  three witnesses
1) Umm Ayman
2) Asma 
3) Maula Ali (A.S)
 But they were rejected.

       The Prophet(S) also gave Fatima Zahra (S) a written instruction about FADAK.
       The text read as follows:”Jibrael (a.s) came to Prophet Mohammad (s) and told him that Allah (swt) had ordered that he give the “Dhul Qurba” (close relatives) their rights. Rasoolallah(s) asked what is meant from “Right”.
       Jibrael (a.s) replied that “Dhul Qurba” refers to Fatima Zahra (s.a.) and from “Right” it is meant the property of “FADAK”.
       Following are the proofs from authority works of Ahlul Sunnah.
       Ruzatul Safa as quoted  in Tashdeed-ul- Mathaeen page 102,
       Ma’arij –ul-Nabuwwah, part 4, Chapter 10, page 228.
       Habib-us-Siyaar vol 1, Dhikr of Ghava-e- Khayber.
The lies of the first caliph exposed
The falsity of his argument “We the, group of prophets do not inherit, nor are we inherited.” was apparent at the time of his death.
       Abu Bakr (l.a.) had recommended in his will to be buried beside the Prophet’s tomb. He asked his daughter [Aa’isha (l.a.)] permission to be buried in her share of the Prophet’s inheritance (in the house)
       Either he was wrong earlier when he claimed about Holy Prophet (sawa) “...nor are we inherited”
       He was buried and is still buried in usurped land – the land which belonged for common charity.

in its 1st Stages
The Islamic history of FADAK started from the time it became a property of the Prophet (s) because it was not possessed by war.  
Then the Prophet Gifted it to Fatima (s.a.) & it remained in her possession until her father died.

Then the 1st Caliph snatched it and it became a part of General Finance & the source of the States Income.
in its 1st Stages continued…
       At the time of the 2nd Caliph Ali (a.s) claimed Bibi Fatema’s (s. a) inheritance once again but was denied with the same argument as in the time of 1st Caliph.
       During the 3rd Caliphate, Usman made his first cousin Marwan bin al Hakam, trustee of FADAK.
       After the 3rd Caliph, History ignored the matter of Fadak without mentioning anything about it.

FADAK during the rule of Imam Ali (A.S)
       In Defense of 1st Caliph, many have recorded that Maula Ali (a.s) did not recover FADAK and he left it for the Muslim like the latter did

        Some historians are of the opinion that , Maula Ali (a.s) spent on charity the yields of FADAK in the interest of Muslims out of his & his children’s content
       Other historians take support of traditions suggest that Imam Ali (as) acting on the Sunnat of Holy Prophet (sawa) did not claim his rights which had been usurped thereby letting the usurper being tormented eternally and the oppressed being rewarded eternally (Elalulsharia vol 1 chp 124)

FADAK during the reigns of Umayyad’s
       When Muawiyah became Caliph he distributed 1/3rd of the land to Marwan bin Hakam, 1/3 land to Umar bin Usman & 1/3rd to his son Yazid.
       It was totally possessed by Marwan in his rule.
       At the time of Omar bin Abdul Aziz Fadak once again was returned back to Fatimites.
       Then again it was usurped by Yazeed bin Abdul Malik until the Umayyad State declined.

FADAK during the reigns of Abbasid’s
       Abul Abbas as-Saffah, the first Abbasid caliph, gave Fadak back to Abdullah bin al-Hassan bin al-Hussayn bin Ali bin Abu Talib.

       Then Abu Ja’far al-Mansour seized it during his reign from al-Hassan’s family.
       Al-Mahd bin al-Mansour gave it back again to the Fatimites, whereas Musa bin al-Mahdi seized it again from them.
       It remained in the Abbasids’ hands until al-Ma’moon came to the caliphate in 210 AH and gave it back to the Fatimites.
       When al-Mutawakkil became the caliph, he seized Fadak from the Fatimites and gave it to Abdullah bin Omar al-Baziyar.
       The relation between the Fatimites and Fadak ended in the days of al-Mutawakkil when he donated it to Abdullah bin Omar al-Baziyar.

       This was an account of Fadak - which was usurped, returned and usurped again as per the unfair requirement of politics of caliphate.
       Despite efforts, history has protected all the sequence of events which easily proves the truthfulness of Janabe Siddiqa Tahera (sa) and the falsehood of the one who claimed to be Siddiq.
       It is noticeable that the issue of Fadak was not dealt on the basis of principles of justice and equity. The claim of Fadak was not rejected on the basis of shariat but it was rejected on the basis of false tradition, faulty arguments and vested interest. If the caliph had a fair look and a moderate thought, he would give Fadak back to the Fatimites but they preferred USURPATION over JUSTICE
Our Prayers

       May Allah hasten the reappearance of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (as) who will avenge
      The Usurpation of Fadak
      The Usurpation of Caliphate
      The Oppressions on the Janabe Fatema Zehra (sa)
       May Allah protect us and keep our faith firm on the religion of Ahle Bait (as).
       O Allah! Send such a harsh chastisement upon them, that the dwellers of Hell start screaming.


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