Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Imam Jafar e Sadiq’s Answer to Science of Medicine

Imam Jafar e Sadiq’s Answer to Science of Medicine
Imam put some questions to Tabeeb, Tell me would you know about psychology orthopedic, skin diseases. He could not answer. Imam explained to him every science of medicine himself.

1. Headacheis due to the parts and veins of the head brains which are at distant relations then it will be increasing. If they are working in close circuit then the headache pain will be less.

2. Hairs grown on the scalp of the head is due to its nourishments of hair roots within the skin of the body. Oil is used to give freshness and strength to the roots of the hairs so that body heat may go high up to the roots of the hair, of the scalp and help in to exit of heat vapours from there.

3. Forehead of everybody is clean and without hairs. It is due to the screen of the vision to pass on the light over there above to the eye lids and eyes.

4. The scratch linings on the forehead is due to save the eyes with the sweat of the hairs of the head. It is just like the streams of the river to check water drops to go into eyes.

5. Eye brow is made above the eyes that the splendor light take curve to go deep into the eyes.Oh! You Hakim Hindi would you not observe men to put their palms and hands over the eyes to check the light diffusing that becomes piercing into the eyes visions.

6. Nose site in between the two eyes with the idea to divide equally the diffusing light half to half each eye.

7. The shape of eyes in curve style is due to keep medicine inside, or eye let out dirt away and should pass at their ends easily automatically due to that curve shape. It would have been round like a moon shape then; no one could put and apply collyrium to the eye lids easily.

8. The nostrils holes down side the nose is due to all waste liquid material that coming from the brain head should get its exits in drops from those nostrils downwards and smell of incense should raise up high up to the brain head through that passage.

9. Moustaches, up the lips are above mouth piece to check anything from head brain coming out should go all of a sudden into the open mouth, in its absence all eating will be tasteless and not eatable.

10. Beard on the face is necessary to identify a male from a female.

11. Tooth has been made sharp to bite the food into pieces easily.

12. Jaws has been made strong to crush hard materials of food and to make it into pieces for digestion and eatable.

13. A lank tooth made longer than other tooth to safe guard jaws and other teeth.

14. No hairs grow on the hands which are the sources to sensing the things and its nature, hard or cold, soft or keeping always alive and active.

15. Nails and hair have no life in it individually and easy to cut off and remove from the body.

16. The shape of heart is like apple fruit to find a good suitable place in the chest upper body portion beside liver function so that it may get humidity and its heat may give soothing effect to the mind.

17. Lungs are divided into two parts to make place for the heart and get cooling with the movements of the two parts.

18. Liver made lump backed so that it may absorb the gastic material of the stomach due to stomach heaviness.

19. Kidneys are in been shape logically for placing the sperm of man in it’s cite. If it was round or square shape that will make trouble in passing the sperm liquid from one point to another. It creates trouble to living sperm. Because the sperm fluid comes out from the backbone side and running fluid opens and shrinks like a worn and goes towards the man's bladder like a pellet bow. Kidney has its own shape to work properly on all sides and to excrete all sorts of liquid materials and to sieve.

20. Knee cannot be bent down at the back side. The walking steps are towards forward line and cannot turned back his leg, otherwise he will fell down.


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What's the Source of this information?
I'd like to read the original. The translation can be improved much iA.
JazakAllah for Sharing

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