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Imam Zainul Abedeen (a.s.)

Name:  Ali
Title:  Zainul Abedeen, Sayidus Sajideen
Designation:  4th Imam
Kunyat:  Abul Muhammad
Father:  3rd Imam Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S.)
Mother:  Shahr Banu Binte-Yazdjard
Born:  15th Jumada Awaal, 37AH
Died:  25th Muharram, 95AH
Martyred:  Poisoned by Waleed
Buried:  Cemetery of Jannatul Baqi
Lived:  57 years

Imam Ali ibn al-Husayn (A.S.) the Fourth Shi'ite Holy Imam and the eldest son of Imam Husayn(A.S.) famous as Zayn al-Abidin and Sayyid-i Sajjad.

Imam was martyred by poisoning on 25th Moharram in the year 95 A.H. at Madinah Munawwarah and is buried at Baqi cemetery near his uncle, the 2nd Imam Hasan (A.S.).

He was named Ali and was called Abu Muhammad, Abul Hasan and Abul Qasim. Some of his titles were Sayyad-us-Sajideen , Zain-ul-Abideen , Sajjad and Abid. He was present in Karbala along with his father, but did not fight as he was very sick. After Imam Hussain (A.S) martyrdom, he was put in shackles, but he carried his father's message beyond Karbala. He lived for 40 years after Karbala and publicised the event of Karbala.

He was such a great worshipper that people called him "ABID" and "SAJID". He used to fast daily and worship the whole night. He used to stand so long in prayers that his feet used to swell up. While praying he used to cry so much that his eyes used to turn red. His supplications are so many that their collection are present in a book titled "SAHIF-E-KAMILAH". Along with love for ALLAH, he also loved his fellow beings. He provided all the basic necessities to many needy families. He used to carry food for the poor at night and provide them with their needs.

Imam (AS) in Madina through his silent teachings left many pupils; the most prominent of them was Abu Hamza-e-Thumali, who remained to spread the teachings of Ahlulbayt in the Islamic world. Abu Mikhnuf was also one famous pupil of the Imam who later on the instructions of the fifth Imam wrote the story of Karbala in the narrative form which became the part of the Majlis all over the world.

The calm and peaceful life of the Imam was not to be tolerated by the Ummayad's cruel regime. They realized that the Imam was succeeding in his mission of spreading the message of his father Hussain (AS). The Syrian monarch Walid Ibn Abdul Malik had him poisoned. He died in Madina on the 25th of Muharram 95 Hijri. His eldest son Muhammad Ibn Ali al Baqir arranged the burial and laid him to rest in the grave yard of Jannatul Baqi beside his uncle Imam Hasan (AS).

The Holy Imam Ali-Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S.) spent the first two years of his infancy in the lap of his grandfather Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) and then for twelve years he had the gracious patronage of his uncle, the second Holy Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (A.S.). In 61 H.A. he was present in Karbala, at the time of the gruesome tragedy of the wholesale massacre of his father, his uncles, his brothers, his cousins and all the godly comrades of his father; and suffered a heartless captivity and imprisonment at the hands of the devilish forces of Yezid

"There are three things which are refuges and shelters for the faithful: to refrain his tongue from the people and backbiting; keeping himself busy with things that are beneficial for his future, the hereafter and the world; and lengthy weeping upon his sin."

Source: (Tuhful Aqool p 282)


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