Saturday, April 28, 2012

Want to be among the Warriors of Imam Mahdi (atfs)?

It is not really easy to be among the chosen one alongside, the 313. You need to polish your soul, perform more and more good deeds and keep away from evil and forbidden acts. Start with the basics, like offering 51 rakats of Namaz (Wajib Namaz and other Mustahab Namaz, ie. Namaz-e-Shab and Nafela Namaz) on time, reading 50 ayats from the Holy Quran along with its translation (which will hardly take 20mins) daily and keeping away from Haraam and performing all wajib activities on time.

Let us all pray to Allah (swt) that with the reference of Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs) we get nek taufiq and may Allah forgive us all. Ameen! Elahi Ameen!


Anonymous said...

al ajal ya imam e zaman... <3

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