Saturday, July 7, 2012

Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) and supplications

Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) has true affection for those who love him. The extent of his fondness and the importance he gives to their remembrance in his prayers is highlighted by Allamah Majlisi (r.a.) and Mohaddes Noori (r.a.). They have both narrated that Sayyed Ibne Taoos (r.a.) said, 'One morning, after Seher, I visited the Sardab (cellar of the house of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) in Samarra) for offering prayers when I saw that Imam-e- Zaman (a.t.f.s.) was beseeching Allah, 

'O Allah! Our Shias have been created from our light and the remainder of our earth (teenat). They have sinned in the hope of our love and benevolence. If their sin is related to Your Exalted Self, then You forgive them. We will be satisfied with Your forgiveness. And if their sin is related to the rights of their brethren, then You correct their shortcomings and grant them from the part of Khums which is our right so that they may be satisfied with it. Protect them from the fire of Hell and do not gather them along with our enemies in Your punishment.' 

On reflecting on the words of Imam's (a.t.f.s.) invocation, we are overcome with shame and remorse. The blessed personality, whose continued presence ensures the existence of this world and its sustenance - the Imam of the Age (a.t.f.s.), - Prays for Sinners like Us and seeks forgiveness that we may be saved from Hellfire. For us sinners, who are the direct recipients of his love and affection, is it right that we forget him and remove his remembrance from our hearts and minds? Or rather, shouldn't we ensure that we fill our hearts and minds with his remembrance to such an extent that not a moment of our life passes by without his remembrance?  

O Allah! Grant us the taufeeq that we develop the sincere love of our Imam in our hearts! Aameen!


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اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

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