Monday, May 16, 2011


Imam Ali (a.s.): 
"O seeker of knowledge! Numerous are the advantages of knowledge. The head of knowledge (if knowledge is personified as a human being) will be humility,

Its eyes will be immune from jealousy,

Its ears will be understanding (the truth and justice),
Its tongue will be truthfulness,
Its security lies in visiting the learned scholars,
Its ambitions will be to establish (universal) peace,
Its wisdom will be piety; salvation will be its final abode,
Its health will be its leader, faithfulness will be its mount, sweet talk will be its ammunition,
Its sword will be the acceptance of the Will and Pleasure of God,
Its bow (and arrow) will be sympathy and hospitality,
Its army will be its good manners,
Its treasures will be its refraining from sins,
Its sustenance will be its good manners,
Its meekness will be its beverage (to quench his thirst during his journey),
Its guide will be the Divine Guidance and its comrades will be the love of virtues.


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