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Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad (a.s.)

Name: Muhammad
Title: At-Taqi, Al-Jawad
Designation: 9th Imam
Kunyat: Abu Ja'far 
Father: 8th Imam Ali ar-Ridha (A.S.) 
Mother: Khaizuran Khatoon 
Born: 10th Rajab 195 AH (811 AD) 
Died: 29th Dhul-Qida 220AH(835AD) 
Martyred: Poisoned by Mu'tasin (l.a.)

Hazrat Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S , our 9th holy Imam , was born in Madina on Friday on the 10th of Rajab-ul-Murajjab. There is one more rewayat about the birth of date of our 9th Imam. The second birthdate has been mentioned in the Book of Bihar-ul-Anwar , where Allama Majlisi says: " It is written in Usol-e-Kafi that Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was born in the holy month of Ramazan in 195 A.H." But the rewayat of 10th of Rajab is mostly wellknown.

Anyhow the 9th successor of the Holy Prophet S.A.W was born in Madina-e-Munawwara. His holy father was Ghareeb-ul-Ghuruba , Shaheed-e-Jafa Hazrat Imam Ali Raza A.S and His holy mother was Janabe Khizran who was connected to the tribe of Ummul-Momeneen Janabe Marya-e-Qibteya. Sabeeka Naubiya is also another name of the holy mother of our 9th Imam.

Imam Ali Raza A.S was 47 years old when His holy and only son was born. People in Madina had began to fear that Imam Ali Raza A.S would leave no successor after Him and that the chain of Imamat would be cut off. But when Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was born their mouth were shut.

In 200 A.H Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was forced to be separated from His holy father when Mamoon Rashid compelled Imam Ali Raza A.S to leave Madina alone without His family.After this seperation Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was never able to see His father again. In 203 A.H Imam Ali Raza A.S departured from this world. The Imamat was now handed over to His holy son who was only 8 years when He received the responsibilities. The life of Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was early attacked with many deep sorrows .

At the age of 5 His father Imam Ali Raza A.S , was constrained to leave him alone in Madina and was martyred the third year after this seperation. The grief of the martyrdom of His holy father was followed by the demise of His holy aunt (Phophi) Janabe Masooma-e-Qum. And soon Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was also forced to leave the city of Madina. 

Many wonders that due to the short life Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S spent with His holy father maybe He wasn't able to receive the full knowledge. Shame on those who have these thoughts. All our holy Imams are born with the full Divine knowledge granted from Allah. That is why Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was always triumphant to all competitors who tried to emulate Him. And it was due to this extraordinary knowledge of Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S and His excellent character that Mamoon Rashid became the Imam's "lover" with a plan of marrying his daughter Umm-ul-Fazl to Him.

The scenes he was dreaming about was to one day watch the progeny of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W i.e the next Imam to be born through his daughter. But once again Mamoon failed in his luring acts and his daughter never became a mother. A year after this wedding Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S returned to Madina where He remarried to Janabe Somaana Khatoon who was connected to the tribe of Hazrat Ammar-e-Yasir and it was through this pious lady that God had chosen for the next Imam to be born. Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S was gifted with two sons ,(Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi A.S and Janabe Moosa-e-Mubarraqa) and two daughters (Janabe Fatema and Janabe Amama). The offspring of Imam Ali Naqi A.S are titled as "Naqvi" and the progeny of Janabe Moosa-e-Mubarraqa are named as "Rizvi".

At last I would like to send happy greetings to all momeneen and momenaat on this joyous day. May we live our lives as our holy Imams has shown us to do and try our best to serve Islam in all ways. Finally , may Imam-e-Zamana A.S also accept the greetings from His male (ghulaman) and female (kanizan) servants. Ameen
Rabbana Taqabbal Minna Innaka Anta-s-Samey-ul-Aleem.

(Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb.)


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